Wealth protection can take a range of forms, and you don’t need to have money to have something to protect.

In portfolio management, wealth protection may take the form of various types of diversification within an asset class (shares or property) or across asset classes or styles of portfolio construction.  The key point is to move beyond cash, doesn’t need to mean taking a big risk.  The wisest course of action should consider what you are trying to achieve, your timeframes and resources to do so and either matching them to with your comfort levels or helping you change those comfort levels.

Part of the role of a competent Financial Adviser is to help you bridge the gap in understanding the negative impact of your fears and biases to guide you in making better choices with your money.  This may include helping you understand your own financial decision making or investment market operation overall.

Where you haven’t accumulated wealth yet, its your ability to create wealth (your capacity for working) that is most valuable to you.  The cost of such protection may be far outweighed by its value to you, but everyone’s circumstances differ.  Part of our role is to find the right solution for you.

Whether it’s protecting you from yourself or implementing a specific insurance policy to protect you or your family against loss of income, assisting you to make good financial decisions on an ongoing basis is what you should expect from a relationship with a financial adviser.

Wealth protection is as important as wealth creation and a key aspect of our relationship with you.